Weight Loss, anti-aging and anti-disease with Plant-Based Lifetsyle Coaching (Oodle)

Hi, I’m a certified plant-based nutrition coach and I would love to help you achieve your health, beauty and fitness goals!!
I have been on a plant-based lifestyle for over 10 years now and I’ve successfully lost weight, maintaining fit body naturally, cured my horrific lifelong endometriosis, allergies, depressions, chronic acne, conquering food addictions and unhealthy habits.
If you ever been curious about becoming a vegetarian, vegan or even a raw vegan diet, I can help you transition and thrive!
There are so many dietary theories out there and can be overwhelming. Benefits of working with a coach is that instead of figuring all out on your own with trials and errors risking your own health, we’ll be assessing your body type, health goals and your lifestyle so we can tailor your plan to reach your goal with an excellent support system and accountability.

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